10 Must-Have Accessories for Fall (Under $50!)

WHAT IS IT ABOUT A CHANGE IN WEATHER that makes us want to shop? We’re at the point where everything we wore this summer just won’t do, and we need something new. Fall is here and that means new book bags (for those of us still in school) and new “work bags” (for those of us at the office) and all sorts of goodies to usher in autumn. Check out our budget-friendly picks, from cute jewelry to adorably innovative tech accessories. You can snap up these awesome frugal finds without feeling guilty. Cheers to a fun fall—let’s get shopping!

  1. Natural Wonders Satchel, $48
  2. Bow to Stern Scarf in Navy Stripes, $8
  3. Ban.Do Heart Tote, $15
  4. Crystal Locket Necklace, $24
  5. Holding-Cortland Apple Sunglasses, $12
  6. Melie Bianco Eyeglasses Pencil Case, $14
  7. Sprout Bookmark Set, $8
  8. Fiercest Leopard-Print Tights, $15
  9. Stud-y Break Earrings, $10
  10. Evil Eye Ring, $15