10 Reasons We Love Stephanie Plum

We’re obsessed with Stephanie Plum, the loveable heroine of Janet Evanovich’s best-selling mystery series being played by Katherine Heigel in One for the Money. After losing her job as a lingerie saleswoman, a strapped-for-cash Stephanie convinces her cousin Vinnie to let her work at his bail-bonds business as a recovery agent. Between hunting down bail jumper Joe Morelli, the sexy cop who dumped her in high school, and being stalked by a potentially homicidal boxer, Stephanie has a knack for getting herself in some hilarious situations. Here are 10 reasons we love this feisty female.

1. Her Dysfunctional yet Lovable Family
Her mother is a meddler, her grandmother has a few screws loose, and her sister is the ideal daughter.
As stressful as Stephanie finds her crazy family, she still visits them for meals, advice, and occasionally connections to help her do her job.

2. She’s Not Perfect
She loses her job selling lingerie, her car is repossessed, and she has to sell her appliances to afford the apartment she shares with her hamster, Rex.

3. She’s Unafraid
Stephanie isn’t afraid of a challenge or to step outside her comfort zone, which leads to her adventures
as a recovery agent. She truly believes she can be Wonder Woman, and she isn’t afraid of what gets
thrown her way.

4. She’s Determined
Stephanie knows absolutely nothing about being a bounty hunter and skillfully manipulates her cousin to
get the job. But she’s determined—and that’s why we root for her. She learns quickly, and she learns from the best, her new pal and colleague Ranger (doesn’t hurt that he’s gorgeous!).

5. But Also a Bit Clueless
Even with a gorgeous guy like Ranger showing her the ropes, she’s still an inept detective and a bit of a klutz. Katherine Heigel has said that one of the things she loves about Stephanie is she is both equally aware and unaware that she’s so inept!

6. She Eats. Constantly!
From TastyKakes to Butterscotch Krimpetts to Big Gulps, she’s always eating.

7. She’s Relatable
We love how author Janet Evanovich describes Stephanie Plum as “incredibly average and yet
heroic if necessary.”

8. She’s Proud of Her Roots
Stephanie is proud of her Jersey roots! She hails from the close-knit community of Chambersburg,
a.k.a. the Burg.

9. Her Sense of Humor
Stephanie doesn’t take anything too seriously—herself included! She has a hilarious way of viewing the
world around her and the situations she ends up in.

10. The Company She Keeps
Specifically, Ranger, her fellow bounty hunter whose mysterious ways earned him the nickname Batman,
and Joe Morelli, the vice cop she lost her virginity to. Oh, did we mention they’re both gorgeous?