10 Things I Can’t Live Without

10 things I Can't Live Without
A while ago I started the latest round of glam-blogger tag by tasking beauty editor India-Jewel Jackson, who presides over the primping-fun GlamBlush blog, to name 10 things she can't do without. From there it bounced to Lauren Barth of celeb-focused GlamScene, fashion editor Susan Cernek of GlamChic, and network editor Annie Farmer of GlamLive before merchandising editor Nicole Sargent of GlamSpree posted her 10 things and announced that it was my turn. So, here's my list.

International Orange Body Oil, Cream, and Deodorant

My friend Julie Elliott is the creator of the luxurious line of In Fiore face and body products. Her fan base has long included top girls of the world such as Gwen Stefani and Julia Roberts. (And me.) She recently developed an astoundingly fabulous custom line of all-natural skin and hair products for San Francisco spa International Orange. I truly can't live without her health-minded lavender-scented spray-on deodorant. It doesn't contain cancer-causing elements like most deodorants, and unlike a lot of “natural” options, this one really works. I also cannot start the day without stepping from the shower and topping a thin layer of IO's white lotus and jasmine-scented Anoint body oil with tuberose-kissed Enrich body cream. It's a wonderful indulgence and keeps my skin very soft and hydrated.

My Laptop
As a fulltime writer I have deadlines every day. As a mommy I have a delicious distraction waiting for me at home. When it's time to get down to business, I grab my Apple iBook G4 and head to a local Starbucks or hotel (where I happen to be right now), and as my daughter says, “Type, type, type!”

Pregnancy, or rather the 42 pounds of Oreos, chicken tacos, and growing baby that I dragged around while pregnant, wreaked havoc on my back. Nearly two years after the fact it's still a problem. The only thing that soothes the discomforting dilemma is a regular yoga regime. Additional bonuses as a result of my practice are a calm mind, toned body, and sense of balance despite a very busy life.

Good Kitchen Knives

I am one of those people who, for better and worse, lives by the creed, “If it ain't broke, don't fix it.” This is great for my bank account in that I don't feel inclined to go out and buy the newest car model and instead drive my current ride until it is unusable, perhaps due to a 60-mile-per-hour head-on collision with a 2,000-pound bull (true story; if you really want to see photos, comment. If I get enough requests, I'll post ‘em). But it's sometimes not so practical, like when I was in my early 20s, cooked a ton, and did all of my chopping with cheap, dull kitchen knives purchased at Safeway. I was liberated when a friend gave me a set of quality knives a year or two later. Now I know that high-quality knives are worth the expense and regularly slice and dice with Globals. Their cute design had me at hello, but they also rest in my hand just right.


My husband and I have a deal that I go out on Monday and Thursday, he goes out on Friday, and we both go out together on Saturday night. That means all the other nights I'm home, hanging with a sleeping toddler who hits the sack at 7pm. After a long day of writing, reading is the last thing I want to do, so I turn to trusty HBO for reruns of “Taxicab Confessions,” “Extras,” or the latest episode of “Entourage.” Gotta love their new on-demand feature, too. Since it's free, I don't feel guilty when I pass out half way through a movie.


Who has time to flip through all of the gossip rags these days, especially when they're publishing old news that can be gotten fast and fresh from this rollicking gossipy Hollywood insider blog. Perez may offer up some gasp-worthy criticisms, but the boy knows how to keep people talking, and that kind of shamelessly brave brilliance is exactly what may just propel him up to the ranks of shock jock Howard Stern. Plus, I love people who aren't afraid to say exactly what they think, whether I agree with them or not. Socially, ethnically, and politically subversive thinking masked by PC posturing is the real danger—not people who let you know where they stand and give you the choice to get onboard or not.

Jane Iredale Mineral-Based Powder Foundation
Yes, I am a bit NorCal nature nugget. I eat organic (and McDonalds when I have a hangover), use organic lawn fertilizer, and make sure our family drinks filtered water. I don't get fanatical about natural makeup, but I love, love, love Jane Iredale PurePress Base. Developed to help burn victims cover their scars while healing, it has 20 SPF and is made from minerals, so I don't feel as bad on the occasions that I crash out for the night without washing my face. It also has great coverage, too.

My Four Seasons Hotels mattress
When I lived in L.A., long before hotels were pimping their mattresses via bedside brochures, I used to jog at 5:30am around the Hollywood Reservoir with the general manager of the Regent Beverly Wilshire (also known as the “Pretty Woman” hotel). I told him that I couldn't figure out why I always got an astoundingly deep and wonderful night's sleep when I stayed at a Four Seasons property (the Regent and Four Seasons are one in the same, if you didn't know). He explained that the hotel had Sealy make special mattresses just for them, and that the likes of Oprah and Julia Roberts (clearly she and I have similar tastes) had already come to the same conclusion and bought new mattresses from the hotel. I have been a proud owner and devotee ever since.

My Posse
Being close to and sharing experiences with others is more fun than anything else I know. As a confirmed extrovert, it's an essential lifeline for me.


Me and the hottie hubby at a cooking class in Thailand

For me, life experiences are the ultimate riches, and the best way to add to my treasure chest is to get out of the familiar and cast myself into unknown surroundings. Traveling opens me up to everything–fresh perspectives, fascinating people, and open mindedness and willingness to not only try but also seek new things. It's the ultimate sense of freedom.

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–Erika Lenkert

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