10 Tips for Finding a Suit that Suits You

10 Tips for Finding the Suit that Suits YOU

Warm weather has arrived which means for many of us, it's time to embark on the annual hunt of trying to track down a sexy and stylish swimsuit. To help point us in the right direction we queried swimsuit expert Danna Pomeroy of Fiji Time Swimwear & More, a company that specializes in fitting women of ALL sizes and shapes into their most flattering swimsuit. Here she shares her tips on tracking down the perfect suit:

1.) Know your body type. Be honest with yourself about what your best features are and what parts you shouldn’t accentuate or highlight. Just like a pair of pants or a dress, certain fits will make your body look better than others. For instance, a bandeau top is typically more flattering on women with smaller busts. Larger breasted women should use an under wire top or something with extra support.

2.) One-pieces are great for plus size women, but just because you are not a size 2 does not mean you must shun a two-piece. If you have larger legs and a smaller torso or if you have very broad shoulders a one piece might actually emphasize your flaws. Don't automatically assume a one-piece bathing suit is more flattering than a bikini.

3.) Pay attention to detail on the suit itself: Colors and patterns are very important and can make your body look better or worse. As an example, a solid color usually draws less attention to the rear. Conversely, if you are small busted and self conscious about it you can play up your bust with a swimsuit top that has bold patterns and colors. Playful suits with ruffles, logos, or really bold designs in certain areas can help draw attention towards one area of your body while masking others.

4.) Fit is everything. Just like a business suit, a wedding dress, or a pair of jeans, the fit of the swimsuit is the most important item. Don’t worry about what size you are wearing. Too many women get hung up on trying to “fit into” size X because they don’t want to be in a size larger. If a 10 fits better than an 8, even if you are usually an 8, get the 10!

5.) Find a suit that does not pinch (you should not get bulging above and/or below any of the straps or material). Go up a size if you feel pinched.

6.) The swimsuit bottom should not be baggy in the front or the back. You want the bottom to contour your rear without pinching and without sagging. Women who would like to elongate their legs should wear a tie side or a thin hipster bottom with a high arch. Tie sides make the legs look longer.

7.) With the top, always do the bottom strap first as tight as possible (don't lose circulation!) and then tie the top around your neck. This has a dramatic effect on how the top looks.

8.) Women who want to de-emphasize their butt should wear less fabric. The less fabric you have the smaller the target for peoples eyes. The more fabric, the bigger the butt will look. Also, another tip to draw the eyes away from the buttox would be to wear a top that is eye catching. It can be more colorful, have jewelry, have a pattern or anything else that would catch attention. Then pair this top with a solid darker color .

9.) State of mind is important: Do not go swimsuit shopping after a long day of eating or shopping or after a hard day at work. You will think NOTHING looks good because you are already in a tired, possibly negative state of mind. If possible, try to go swimsuit shopping in the morning or early afternoon after you’ve exercised and drank lots of water (no sugary soft drinks!). Your body always looks its best after a workout and ample water.

REMEMBER: We are our own worst critic. You probably look better than you think! Don’t compare yourself to how another woman looks in a swimsuit. Focus only on what bathing suit makes you feel most confident in YOUR body.