12 Great Coats to Carry Your Wardrobe

  1. Helene Berman Faux Leather-Sleeved Twill Trench Coat, available at The Outnet for $240
  2. Aubin & Wills Brindle Checked Wool-blend coat, available at The Outnet for $202
  3. Michael Kors Wool-Blend Toggle Coat in Camel, available at eBay for $156
  4. Camo Fur-lined Jacket, available at Topshop for $150
  5. Fur Sleeved Parka, available at Topshop for $480
  6. Silence is Goldenrod Coat, available at Modcloth for $98
  7. Around the Campfire Coat, available at Modcloth for $90
  8. Canvas Fur Trimmed Jacket, available at H&M for $60
  9. Topshop Karin Faux Leopard Fur Coat, available at Nordstrom for $150
  10. Sunrise Over Venice Coat, available at Modcloth for $160
  11. Faux Fur V-Neck Jacket, available at H&M for $99
  12. Tipped Peacoat, available at J.Crew for $238

It’s almost time to stay goodbye to fall and hello to winter – do you have your warm winter coat yet? You can stockpile gloves, hats, and scarves all season long but without a winter coat, you’ll still freeze. Coats are investment pieces; you want to pick a jacket you’ll wear next year too. We love brights, but when choosing a coat we go for neutral hues that will truly match with everything in our closet. When deciding on a coat length, take note of your wardrobe – will you be wearing dresses and heels this winter or jeans and boots? What's the most flattering length for your figure? Whether you love long coats, short coats, camouflage, leopard, or fur – we’ve found a coat for you.