2010 Travel Recap: The Most Tweeted Geographical Hot Spots

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This year, Twitter has become an increasingly popular way to communicate, and we thought it would be interesting to see what people are chatting about, geographically speaking. Here is a 2010 influencer wrap-up by Klout, the team measuring influence across social media.

The Most "Tweeted" Cities

• London
• New York City
• Los Angeles
• Chicago
• San Francisco
• Las Vegas
• Washington DC
• Boston
• Austin
• Jakarta

The most influential cities of 2010 reflect the top cities in the world – with London, New York City, and Los Angeles topping the list. Austin, Texas made it on the list due to a high volume of influential tweets surrounding SXSW in March.

The Most Influential Countries

• United States
• Iran
• Haiti
• China
• Indonesia
• Israel
• Japan
• Spain
• France
• Brazil

The United States tops the list due to a consistent level of conversation. Iran dominated in February due to the uranium enrichment controversy and Haiti was a trending topic in January when the earthquake hit.