2010 Travel Recap: The Most Tweeted Geographical Hot Spots

This year, Twitter has become an increasingly popular way to communicate, and we thought it would be interesting to see what people are chatting about, geographically speaking. Here is a 2010 influencer wrap-up by Klout, the team measuring influence across social media.

The Most “Tweeted” Cities

• London
• New York City
• Los Angeles
• Chicago
• San Francisco
• Las Vegas
• Washington DC
• Boston
• Austin
• Jakarta

The most influential cities of 2010 reflect the top cities in the world – with London, New York City, and Los Angeles topping the list. Austin, Texas made it on the list due to a high volume of influential tweets surrounding SXSW in March.

The Most Influential Countries

• United States
• Iran
• Haiti
• China
• Indonesia
• Israel
• Japan
• Spain
• France
• Brazil

The United States tops the list due to a consistent level of conversation. Iran dominated in February due to the uranium enrichment controversy and Haiti was a trending topic in January when the earthquake hit.