2011 MTV Video Music Awards: And The Most Stunning Award Goes To…

ADELE. Never mind the fact that Beyonce announced the impending arrival of her bouncing bundle of joy in 6-inch heels, or that Lady Gaga spent the entire evening decked in drag—the ever-adorable Adele emerged as the real star of the night, perfectly poised in a gorgeous custom Burberry gown for her arrival, and a fabulous Barbara Tfank frock for her soulful performance of Someone Like You.

The beautiful Brit didn't need ridiculous headgear to command attention (ahem, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj)—Adele turned heads by simply accessorizing her look with retro flair in the form of muted makeup and a full band of lashes paired with a `60s-style bouffant. The curveball? Those dangerous dagger nails. (Rihanna would be so proud!)

We weren't able to get a super close-up snap of her knife-shaped digits, but we can tell she opted for a camel beige hue, in keeping with her overall understated theme of the evening. Get the look with Case Study from Essie's Fall 2011 Collection, which will soon be available at Essie.comfor $8.