3.1 Phillip Lim Does Grease 2.0


thin privelege

Have you ever wondered what Grease’sSandy and Danny would be like if they were around now? How about spreading their teenaged love all through the streets of Toyko?

If yes, then you’re in luck because 3.1 Philip Lim recreated their romance for his fall 2013 campaign: a fast-paced showdown with an electric guitar providing the soundtrack. Shot by Eduard Grau, who is currently working with Michelle Williams on Suite Française, the film “embodies the nonchalant ease and eclectic style of the partners, girlfriends, and lovers of the racer generation” with Kiko Mizuhara and Louis Simonon as the opposites that attract one another. After all, every girl loves a bad boy!

Watch the video below: