3 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Beauty Routine


Your alarm went off late (or you pressed snooze, we’re not judging) and now you’re rushing the morning. Vitamin C serum, moisturizer, SPF, primer, foundation—getting your skin ready to face the day can be a lengthy process. Scale back your time-consuming routine by swapping in a product that doubles (or even triples up) on your daily skin-care necessities. Don’t need a ton of coverage? Use a tinted moisturizer in place of foundation. You can apply it with your fingers the same way you would with regular lotion. If your skin requires a bolder layer, go straight to a BB cream, which will moisturize, provide sun protection, and lay on sheer-to-medium coverage all at once. Another full-coverage option that does more than just foundation? Using a primer hydrates—and it contains sunscreen—so you can skip your daily lotion. Voilà! Instant time-savers.