3 Moments of Inspiration From Mary Mary on WeTV


Mary Mary’s music has been a well of inspiration and a source of strength to their fans for years, but this season, the Campbell sisters will have to look within to tackle the roadblocks in their careers and personal lives. We looked to Erica’s and Tina’s previous triumphs to see how they’ll find their way around this season’s obstacles.

Forgive and Forget
With a schedule as intense as that of the sisters Campbell, tempers are bound to flare up from time to time (remember the Essence Music Festival?). No matter how fierce the fight might be between Tina and Erica, or anyone else in their entourage, they always try to see the other’s point of view and forgive each other when they’re in the wrong. As they say, “We go hard, but we apologize big.”

It’s All About Balance
Just as we balance work and home, the sisters have to do the same, often while on the road. The pair had to put the new additions to their families first even as Erica moves forward with her solo career. Tina really pushed her body to the brink last season but really learned to listen to the bun in the oven. “You know you get it in your head and say, “I’ve been here and done this—I can hang,” she said. “Yep, then your body and your baby say, ‘Ma’am, have a seat.’ LOL!”

When in Doubt, Ask Mom
Last season the pair tackled a hectic touring schedule that came with a slew of snags, including sound issues, wardrobe malfunctions, and a new baby! But when things got rough, the sisters turned to Mom for comfort and advice to work through them. As Erica said, “[I’m] so grateful to have her in our lives and always willing and able to jump in and help us whenever we ask her.”