3 Must-Have Skirts and How to Get the Smooth Legs to Show Them Off


Summer’s here and skirts are in season—three styles in particular. But before we give you the lowdown on which designs to incorporate into your warm-weather wardrobe, it’s important first that your legs are prepped for the occasion. When choosing a razor, look for one with a pivoting head, rather than a fixed one, to contour to your body’s curves. Venus’ products do just that, as well as offer a variety of options to fit your hair-removal needs. Ladies with dry skin, for example, will love the Venus & Olay 2-in-1 razors. They feature Olay moisture bars that help lock in skin’s moisture–no shaving cream required. Afraid of commitment? Not to worry – all Venus razor handles and cartridges are interchangeable so you can try them all. Once you have your ideal razor, let your skin soften with the heat of warm water. Exfoliation to remove dead skin is key, as this will keep the razor from getting clogged and nicking your legs. Lucky for you, the Venus & Olay Sugarberry razor is designed to do the exfoliating for you while you shave. When your skin is damp and ready, begin shaving up from the ankles, rinsing the razor every few strokes. Lastly, layer on the lotion when you’re finished.

With your legs up to par, it’s time to pick up the skirts that will best show them off. The wrap mini is your trendiest essential. Straight from the spring and summer 2013 runways, with a hiked-up asymmetrical hem and a split down the side, this piece is alluring, high-fashion, and ultra chic. Your next must-have is a well-fitting leather pencil skirt, a trend that has made its way through the last couple of seasons thanks to some smart styling. In the colder months, these lovelies looked luxe paired with chunky sweaters, tights, and booties, but for summer, opt for a colored version with a silk blouse and ankle-strap sandals. The result is a polished look with an edge. Last on the list is an article that has long been a go-to: the fit-and-flare-style skater skirt. Fun and flirty, these numbers can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.