3 Problems, 3 Fixes: Solutions For Your Next Skincare Scare


When it comes to skin trials and tribulations, there’s a range of frustrations that are bound to occur. You have your run-of-the mill little red zit right before a first date (child’s play—you’ve handled these before), and then, on the other side of facial freak-outs, you have your under-the-skin, volcano-like pimple that’s decided to form on your forehead just in time for your first day of work. Before you take to googling “how to beat a zit monster,” check out our solutions to this and two other skin-care scares.

1. The volcano zit
Because these gigantic under-the-skin acne formations don’t have a head that rises to the surface, it’s crucial that you don’t try to pop them. Squeezing will leave a blood-filled bump that will not only make coverage more difficult but also be likely to scar. This type of zit is clogged too deep into the skin to drain or use medicine on, so it’s time to whip up a hot compress. The heat will draw bacteria upward and soften the pore. You can even use a black-tea-bag compress to help with inflammation. As fluids begin to come to the surface, apply a spot treatment containing salicylic acid to help with the infection

2. A face full of flaking skin
Firstly, make sure your facial cleanser doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that may be stripping your skin of natural hydration and oils. An indication this is the case: if your face feels tight and dry after washing. Then it’s all about hydration and moisturization. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, and if it feels as if your daily face lotion is getting sucked into your pores, you may need a thicker one. Choose one with sunscreen for the day so sunburn won’t add to your peeling problem.

3. The dreaded cold sore
The awful fever blister—minimize your chances of getting one by keeping your lips safe from the sun and wind and maintaining a healthy immune system. If you’re endowed with one anyway, not to fret. Before anything else, make sure you up your water intake, avoid sharing glasses and lip balms with friends, and, whatever you do, don’t pick at the sore. To help with the healing, try holding an ice cube to the blister or dabbing it