3 Tools to Make Chores Seem Like Play


A delicious drink so you’re feeling good, a fashionable apron so you’re looking good, and lively music so the mood is good—this, Glam girls, is the trifecta to make chores seem less like work and more like play.

For your beverage, pick something refreshing and energizing—a taste that’s a true treat. Lipton Iced Tea is infused with a unique blend of real tea for a wonderful-tasting beverage that hydrates the body. Choose between citrus green tea, lemon, and peach flavors. Once you’ve got your drink ready, get into your gear. Putting on an apron says I’m ready to get dirty, but putting one on that’s absolutely adorable adds a bit of fun. Pretty prints, crazy colors—find a style that speaks to you. Last but not least, turn up the tunes. Pumping up the music throughout the house as you complete your list of chores will make the time go by faster—and if you dance along the way, you’ll get your workout in for the day too!