4 Chic Home Design Tips from Jeremiah Brent


Jeremiah Brent's work is synonymous with interior design eye candy that you can fill up your entire Pinterest page with (he did decorate Rachel Zoe's home after all). Naturally we jumped at the chance to pick his brain and get decor tips for our own homes during a recent luncheon he hosted with Wave Petunias at BLT Fish.

1. What are some current seasonal design trends to incorporate into your home?

Generally I’m not a huge fan of following “trends”–both in design and fashion. I think it limits people’s ability to work in a creative and personal capacity. I think your space should be derived from who you are and not necessarily what’s “in” at the moment. One thing that I’m noticing more and more of, however, is that there’s more of an emphasis on nature–natural materials such as geodes, stones, trees, plants, etc. are becoming widely used throughout home design. There’s a huge melding of the indoors and outdoors right now.

2. Where are some unexpected places you can incorporate flowers or plants in your home?

For me, I love mini bouquets randomly throughout my dressing room and bathroom, such as a small bouquet on a dresser or on a round marble table next to the sink. Sometimes the smallest touches add the most to a space.

3. What are some of the biggest mistakes people make when designing interiors? How do you avoid/solve those problems?

People are often paralyzed when dealing with their own spaces and often find themselves rushing to make everything look like page 34 of a catalog. When they’re done, they can’t see themselves in their space. My biggest advice is: take a moment and reflect. If it’s not absolutely beautiful or absolutely functional, then you don’t need it.

 4. How do you keep a home from looking too “designed” and still cozy and lived in?

I really believe that your home should be curated to yourself: your past, your present, and more importantly, who you want to become. To steal a line from my husband’s [Nate Berkus] book The Things That Matter: “Your home tells the story of who you are.”