4 Fabulous Anti-Acne Devices

When a pimple is lurking beneath the surface of your skin and threatens to erupt into an ugly red mess at any moment, it’s time to fight back full force. Your typical zit-clearing cream alone may not do the trick. The secret? Attack the blemish at the roots. These acne-clearing devices use heat and light to penetrate below skin’s surface to eradicate bacteria and stop the zit in its tracks. Pick up one of these blemish-banishing gadgets and we’re willing to bet your use of concealer will be cut by more than half!

1. Tända Zap, $49, Sephora.com

2. Claro IPL Acne-Clearing Device, $195, Sephora.com

3. No!No! Skin, $180, My-No-No.com

4. Zeno Pro Acne-Clearing Device, $159, DermaDoctor.com