4 Perfect Playlists That Share How You Feel


While we suggest you refrain from bursting into a musical number each time you’re eager to express an emotion, saying what you want to say via song is a meaningful form of communication—and you don’t even need to belt out the tune yourself to do it. From in-person serenades to the mix tape to the curated online playlist, the method by which we exchange music with others has altered over the years, but the goal has remained the same. Creating, listening to, and swapping tunes has always come down a human-to-human connection, bonding by way of the shared sentiments a specific track speaks to.

It’s the people closest to us—our significant others, family members, and friends—to whom we feel most lovingly connected, and in that connection, songs can become a source of strength. A playlist that perfectly encompasses an emotion or event you’ve shared with another is the most intimate way to say what you desire to say without struggling to find the right words. With that, we’ve created playlists sure to resonate with you and the individuals with whom you have feelings in common.

The On Top of the World playlist has the tunes to make you and your pals groove through the most challenging of moments. Pass this one along to those who need a bit of a boost when their day seems stuck in the doldrums. Glory Days will put you in a celebratory mood as you think back on fun times and get excited about the ones yet to come. If you’re listening along and start feeling nostalgic, get your girls to listen with you—they’ll feel the good times too. As for the heart department, we’ve curated both a Love to Love playlist as well as one called Picking Up the Pieces. In life, you’re bound to find yourself in need for both at some point, and the people around you will too. Now that we’ve started the song selection for you, start creating more and sharing yourself—what’s some of your must-have music for each life experience?