4 Simple Ways to Create a Comfy, Cozy Home


Outfit your tables with something fragrant
To create a cozy aroma in every room of your home, adorn tables and dressers with luxurious Glade® Wax Melts, stylish, electric warming dishes with refill packs that hold up to 96 hours of fragrance . Blended from essential oils and made from pressed, not poured wax, they’re a must-have if you’re looking for a true-to-life scent that lingers. Cuddle up to our favorite fragrances for the season, Pure Vanilla Joy and Cashmere Woods™, both ideal for evoking warmth and delight in any room.

Make the couch cozier with comfy throws
Adding a soft throw blanket to your sofa is a perfect way to warm up your living room this season. This easy decor detail adds a relaxed, welcoming feeling to your furniture, inviting friends and family to luxuriate on the couch.

Spruce things up with seasonal centerpieces
Make sure the centerpieces on your dining room and coffee tables are fitting for the chilly month. Create a cozy atmosphere with seasonal floral arrangements, either faux or real, and with additional details from a palette that evokes warmth, like beiges, reds, golds, and other calming colors.

Turn off the heater and light a fire
For an extra comfortable atmosphere, take advantage of your fireplace this season. A beautiful blaze will create a toasty, intimate setting.