4 Top Tress Tips to Spend Your Summer Frizz-Free


Now that winter finally loosened its clutches, we’re setting our sets on summer. One thing we’re not looking forward to? Humidity and the frizz that stems from it, regardless of hair type. We turned to Suave Professionals stylist Marcus Francis to share some styling solutions to keep the flyaways at bay from the beach to the summer soiree.

Shape Your Style – When it come to curls and textured tresses, it all starts with a great cut. Francis recommends seeing your stylist with your hair air-dried. “They can trim your hair into a style and shape that will work with your hair's natural texture,” he said.

Mask for Moisture – Regardless of hair type, moisture should always be top priority for your strands, but you don’t have to wait until you hop in the shower to mask. “Apply a hair mask once a week, like Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Deep Conditioning Shine Mask, before heading outdoors,” Francis explained. “The conditioner will absorb into hair more from the heat opening up hair's cuticles.”

Tighten Curls in a Topknot – For soft, smooth curls, Francis suggests spritzing damp curly or wavy hair with Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Moisturizing Light Oil Spray with Macadamia Oil and twist into a topknot. Once hair is dry, you can release the topknot for soft, smooth stands. “This also works for fine hair since the oil spray hydrates weightlessly,” he said. I’ve personally used this method to keep my curls in check, and it works wonders!

Cool Down the Cuticles – Heat causes the hair follicle to open up to receive to intake moisture, which is why hair expands in he summer heat. Your coif can keep its cool if you keep the temperature low when you rinse, as it will “help seal the cuticle.” Francis also suggests patting your strands dry in lieu of rubbing to fend off frizz.