4 Ways to Smooth Your Stems for Spring & Summer


Finally, spring feels like it’s arrived! Excuse us while we toss our winter coats, sweaters, and tights into the back of the closet. But unfortunately, our legs aren’t ready for the short skirts and sexy shoes that are synonymous with the season. There’s no need for worry as there are a plenty of ways to get silky skin before the first heat wave:

A Smooth Shave – A classic never goes out of style as long as you have the proper tools. A new razor like Venus & Olay’s Razor in Sugarberry that can help exfoliate, leaving you with smooth skin. For an extra bit of buffer between the razor, slather on some of EOS’ Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream that’s packed with shea butter and Vitamins E and C for long-lasting moisture.

Wax On, Wax Off – If you just cringed at the word, don’t worry because we did too! As daunting as waxing can be, it keeps body hair at bay for a month before it begins to grow back. Heading to a salon every month can pack a big wallop to your wallet, but you can try waxing strips like Nair’s new Brazilian Spa Clay Body Wax Strips use the heat from your hands to warm it up and leaves your skin smooth and silky.

Spray or Slather? – Only have a few minutes to get you legs short skirt ready? A depilatory works fast to zap hair and infuse skin with moisture. If slathering the cream on your skin seems a little much you can try Veet’sSpray On Cream Hair Remover allows you to keep you hands clean while smoothing legs to sleek perfection!

Get Techy With It – Why do all the work when a machine can do it for you? Epilators are one of the most popular ways to get skin silky and strand-free worldwide. You can test out the Bruan Silk-épil 7 that you can use wet or dry to snap up even the smallest hair and exfoliate your skin to give you smooth skin for up to four weeks!