4 Ways To Whiten Teeth for a Red Carpet Smile


Saying “cheese!” isn’t as simple as just 1-2-3. When a friend busts out her iPhone to capture a smiley moment, we can’t rely on Instagram filters alone to make our teeth whiter and shine brighter. For this reason (and because some of us may have overdone it with the red wine during all of those holiday celebrations), we’re taking matters into our own hands by using products meant for whitening, as well as household and makeup tricks. Just in time for Red Carpet season, score a blinding smile that’ll rival those of your favorite celebrities by trying any one (or two) of these foolproof methods:

Try a new-fangled toothbrush, like the new Sonicare DiamondClean. This gadget is proven to remove up to four times more plaque than a regular toothbrush in four weeks. With a cleaning process as thorough as the one that this brush can give (it has five different cleaning modes!), there’s no way you won’t see whiter teeth in no time and #stickwithtech.

Switch out your regular old toothpaste for a whitening toothpaste like Colgate’s Optic White. You’ll see results almost immediately, and as brushing your teeth is an obligatory 2x daily practice, it’s a no-brainer for those of us who’d be forgetful when it comes to the extra step of applying whitening strips.

Apply whitening strips regularly. Products like Crest 3D White will do the trick, no dentist necessary. These babies actually work, and are the busy girl’s answer to pearly whites. Stick with them, though, because most take more than just a couple of days to really get to work.

Switch up your lip-sitch by incorporating bold blue-based hues. Using lipsticks and glosses that can brighten your smile is certainly one of the easiest ways to whiten – even if you’re faking it, just a little. Red lips can compliment and play up a bright smile: see Blake Lively for the ultimate source of inspiration. Utilize this option alongside your new toothpaste or whitening strips for the whitest white you’ve ever seen.