4 Ways to Winterize Your Shower This Season


Tailoring your beauty routine in synchronization with the season is essential for healthy skin. In the summer, your sun-kissed face probably called for a darker shade of foundation and a deeper bronzer, alongside a stronger level of SPF in your daily moisturizer. As the weather cools down, though, you may need to not only lighten your makeup but also switch up your skincare habits. Sunscreen is still relevant, but not the same way it was in the summer. The winter calls for a revamp of your routine to align with the dry, cold, dark weather.

That goes for every aspect of your beauty habits during these months: Swap your makeup to more seasonal colors, focus your skincare on fighting frost, and amend your bathing routine to maintain a moisturized, hydrated, flake-free body. Because beauty begins in the shower, here are some tips for keeping yourself looking and feeling your best during the cooler period:

1. Because the harsh winter air can dry out the strands and scalp, leaving locks frizzy and lusterless, add a cold-weather hair mask to your shower routine at least once a week. You don’t even need to purchase one—you can make a luxurious, hydrating, hair-repairing product using ingredients from your kitchen. Incorporate these homemade concoctions into your normal shampoo-and-conditioning circuit when necessary. If you’re feeling flaky, fight dandruff with a mask made of 1 tablespoon ginger-root juice, 1 teaspoon olive oil, and 2 teaspoons lemon juice. If your ends need a boost, cover your locks with warm olive oil.

2. Body wash should be your go-to solution for softer, smoother skin, especially in winter. The new Dove Body Wash gives skin more natural nourishment than other leading body washes after just one shower. The mild formula hydrates deep down with a luxurious lather you'll love.

3. After you’ve applied and rinsed off your body wash, attend to your lips. The winter wind and dry air can wreak havoc on your pretty pout, leaving it cracked and chapped. Keep an easy, natural exfoliator in the shower during the cold months by combining olive oil, brown sugar, and honey. This gentle exfoliant will keep lips soft and supple all season.

4. Invest in a luxurious bathrobe to keep yourself warm post-shower. The air is cold, but you don’t have to be. Treat yourself!