5 Beauty Apps You Absolutely Must Download

Need to know how to create a messy, sexy updo in a random restroom after work? There's an app for that. Anyone who's always on-the-go can appreciate the convenience and importance of smartphone apps, even those that relate specifically to beauty and grooming. Below, the five we're 100% obsessed with.

1) Dolce & Gabbana: Rules for the Modern Gentleman, Free

To celebrate the launch of their newest male scent, The One Gentleman, Dolce & Gabbana has introduced an ancillary etiquette app created especially for men. Penned by Dylan Jones, the editor of GQ UK, now today’s brash bloke can quickly learn all about the lost art of decorum and how to be a modern gentleman through tongue-and-cheek commentary, smart style and grooming tips, and expert advice on minding your manners in sticky situations.

2) Sephora to Go, Free

A must-have for those who keep up with what’s new and hot in beauty, this comprehensive app allows you to browse and buy, review past purchases, view in-depth video tutorials, see what’s new in stores, learn insider tips and tricks, and visualize new beauty concepts right from your handheld device. (Why even bother going into an actual store?)

3) Beauty Tips From DailyGlow.com, Free

Who doesn’t want to be a bit more beautiful? This all-encompassing app gives you access to over 500 beauty tips on hair, skincare, makeup, and even hygiene. Read new product reviews and insider beauty news, derive hairstyle inspiration from your favorite celebrities, and view detailed advice on step-by-step makeup application.

4) Hair Cast 2, Free

Ever took the time to straighten your hair, only to learn the precipitation percentages and/or humidity index was through the roof? Yeah, we’ve been there. Now we check the Hair Cast every single morning before we style our strands. Think of it as Weather.com for your hair—this app delivers your mane forecast and personalized styling tip based on your current location, the weather report, and your hair type.

5) Sunblock, $1.99

While you should certainly wear sunblock everyday (even in the dead of winter), some days it’s more imperative than others. This app informs you of the UV-index high of the day in your particular location, and helps you determine the level of SPF you should wear that day.