5 Clear Indications of Healthy Skin


1. Even with foundations, cover-ups, and primers aplenty, naturally consistent color and an even tone are important qualities of your skin. Blotchiness, including dark circles under eyes, pigmented spots on the face, or popped blood vessels around cheeks, may be an indication of greater risk factors at work.

2. Along with a uniform color, your skin should boast a clear surface and smooth texture. The occasional pimple is to be expected, especially during times of hormonal fluctuations, but overall, proper cleansing and exfoliation, a balanced diet and stress level, and sufficient hydration should keep a face bump-free.

3. Speaking of hydration, a dull, dry, or itchy face is a clear sign that the body is lacking liquids. Radiant skin means healthy skin, so get that glow going with at least eight glasses of water a day.

4. Freckles and moles on your face that remain unchanged over the years are a sign of healthy skin. If either begins to grow or change, contact your doctor right away.

5. While collagen and elastin, the elements that give skin its durability and elasticity, decrease with age, your face can and should age appropriately. Laugh lines and everyday wear are completely normal, but deep creases and falling skin indicate that unhealthy factors, such as excessive sun exposure, a smoking habit, or an improper diet, are contributing.