5 Cute and Covert USB Flash Drives to Display at Your Desk


With the many events we attend on a weekly basis, we regularly receive USB drives packed with info and images from the brands we love. We couldn’t help but notice that in lieu of the classic design, many have opted for disguised flash drives shaped like bottles of lotion, deodorants, and much more. You can infuse that same fabulous flair for all of your documents with these darling storage devices once you’ve finished spring cleaning your office. Check out these adorable options for a bit of fun at work:

1. TokiDoki Sandy Flash Drive, $26.00 at ShopJeen.com
2. PNY 8GB Flash Drive Charm Bracelet, $11.99 at Staples.com
3. Emtec M312 Animal Series Mouse 4GB Flash Drive, $16.82 at BarnesandNoble.com
4. Crystal Heart 8GB Flash Drive Necklace, $13.59 at Amazon.com
5. Ativa Flip-Top 8GB Flash Drive in Paisley, $12.99 at OfficeDepot.com