5 Easy Tips to Prepare for a Special Occasion

1. Pamper Yourself Beforehand
It's possible to treat yourself without spending a lot of money! Get your skin bright and glowing using natural items you might already have in your kitchen. Make a cherry skin mask by mixing 150 grams of pureed and mashed cherries with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil. Apply for 15 minutes and rinse. Be sure to test your new mask a week before to avoid any allergies or reactions.

2. Pick Your Outfit
The invitation of the event is a good way to decide the formality of your special occasion. Most invitations will note whether the attire is casual, cocktail, or black tie. Keep the seasonality of the event in mind as well as the location. Will it be held indoors, outdoors? Will you need a coat for the entire evening? Tip: Try searching for inspiration, or grab a new dress at a great price by shopping by category. Lightinthebox.com lets you shop by type of occasion (cocktail party, wedding reception, etc.).

3. Check the Fit
Even if you’re wearing a dress you’ve rocked before, try it on a few days before the event. It would be a nightmare to slip on your trusty party dress hours before the event and find that the dry cleaner accidentally shrunk your LBD or a zipper is broken. By trying on your dress a few days before, you can give yourself time to purchase any necessary items, such as a slip or heel pads.

4. Bring Emergency Items
Band-Aids, fashion tape, and bobby pins are total lifesavers and won’t take up room in even the smallest of clutches. If you have room in your purse, grab a little pouch to store mints, lipstick, tampons, and a small mirror.

5. To Give or Not to Give?
Confused about whether to bring a gift for the hostess? If it’s a large gathering or party and you don’t know the host or hostess personally, skip the gift. However, it is appropriate to give a gift if you are attending a small party or gathering hosted by someone you know well. If you’re attending a wedding, a baby shower, or a bridal shower, stick with the registry. What’s better than giving someone a gift you know she’ll love and you can be positive she doesn’t already own?