5 Great Ways to Meet Eligible Men

The single gal's dating life can be pretty scary. We all know what it's like to meet a seemingly great guy, only to find out later that he's a complete and utter loser. Meeting men is easy—meeting a good man is what proves to be quite troublesome. What gives? Perhaps you're looking in all the wrong places. Try our suggestions below—you just might end up finally meeting your Prince (not another frog!).

Looking for a man and want to score major karma points? Kill two birds with one stone by heading to your local homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or non-profit organization. There's bound to be some awesome, caring guys who love giving back to the community as much as you do. Strike up a conversation by asking one about his favorite charities—maybe you'll leave with a volunteer date scheduled in the future!

Get Active
If you're into fit men, consider joining a bike club or running group. You'll meet a lot of people, and it's a fun, social way to get some exercise in—better strap on your best sneakers and get out there. Oh, and be proactive! Try inviting a hot guy to grab a skinny latte with you after your sweaty, strenuous workout.

Hit The Electronics Department
We all know that men are to electronics as women are to shoes—when paired together, all is right with the world. Check your local Best Buy or Apple store to scope out the guys looking at high-tech gadgets. Ask him if he could recommend a great flat screen or which MP3 player is his fave.

Play Hostess
If you feel like your social circle has fallen into a rut, and it's been ages since you introduced anyone new to the group, try hosting a cocktail or dinner party. Ask each guest to bring someone new—preferably single and cute!—to the bash. The best part is, friends of friends are a pretty safe bet, simply because right off the bat you know you're compatible with the same people. Happy mingling!

Take a Class
If there's one thing every girl misses about her college days, it's the fact that there were always boys… everywhere. Going to class was such a social activity, it was nearly impossible to finish out the semester without a date (or at least some new friends). Try taking up a class on cooking, music, history, or whatever you find intriguing at a local community college or learning center—it's the perfect way to meet intellectuals with common interests.