5 Hair Color Tips to Dye For


With the glorious warm weather finally making its way to the Big Apple, we’re looking to switch up our hair hue for the season. The trouble is, we’re not the best when it comes to box color, or any other color for that matter. So we looked to Frederic Fekkai’s creative colorist, Jeffrey Tam for his expert advice on getting the sexy shade you want this season minus any snags.

1. More Isn't Always Best – People tend to go overboard with color and don't realize that adding more highlights, lowlights, or even all-over color isn't necessarily the best idea. You might just need a couple of well-placed highlights to enhance your look.

2. No One Likes a Copy Cat – It's okay to draw inspiration from magazines but you shouldn't completely copy the look you see on a celebrity/model because your color should be customized to you. It's a good starting point but you want to make sure your color compliments your skin tone, eye color, and works for your lifestyle.

3. To Wash Or Not to Wash? – There's a bit of confusion as to whether or not you should start with clean hair before you color it. For a single process, it's okay to color hair that hasn't been washed. However, have clean hair for highlights as the color “lifts” better.

4. Color Before a Cut? — Contrary to what you may believe, it's best to color your hair first before you get a haircut so that the stylist can design the cut around your color and further enhance its dimensions. If highlights are more your style, he suggests getting them done after your coif has been clipped. The stylist can also cut any damage that may have occurred during coloring.

5. Keep Styling Simple – After you color, it's important not to over style your hair. Coloring often changes the texture of one's hair and it's important to embrace it, not to fight it. Coloring also damages hair and it's important to take very good care of it because it's more fragile, weekly hair masks can help to moisturize and strengthen strands that may have been damaged during the process.