5 Instant Mood Boosters

The daily mayhem of our lives can really take a toll on our moods. It's a viscous cycle: you stub your toe, a cashier is rude to you, someone steals your parking spot—and suddenly you're snapping at your coworkers for, well, absolutely no reason at all. Luckily there are several ways you can instantly nix the crankiness. Below, five ways to turn your frown upside down.

1. Smile. Even if you're cringing on the inside, studies have shown that plastering a fake smile on your face for a few minutes will inevitably lift your mood.

2. Pay It Forward. Doing something kind for someone else will instantly start pumping your feel-good endorphins. Plus, you'll have karma to thank when someone returns the favor to you later on.

3. Buy Yourself Flowers. A colorful, fragrant bouquet will stimulate your senses and instantly brighten your surroundings. Who says they have to come from a man?

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4. Take a Short Walk. Fresh air can do wonders for a sour mood, and a little exercise never did any harm, either.

5. Slather On a Yummy Smelling Salve. Scents can have a powerful effect, so choose a lotion that smoothes your skin with stimulating your senses.

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