5 Looks From Sarah Jessica Parker’s Shoe Line!


We haven’t stopped fiending for details on Sarah Jessica Parker’s new shoe line since she announced her latest project. Slowly but surely, our needs are being met.

Details and price points were released in September, and now, we have images to go along with those deets. The first look was spotted in the newest issue of Lucky. To be honest, we hoped that Parker would be strongly influenced by her time playing Carrie Bradshaw and we were right!

The first pair we saw via Lucky, closely resembles the infamous Mary Jane Manolo Blahniks that SJP held in Vogue’s fashion closet as she shouted, “I thought these were an urban shoe myth!” in the episode “A Vogue Idea,” before squishing her feet into them.

Now we can definitively say that Parker was influenced by her time as Bradshaw, thanks to another sneak peek of the line, due to a Glamourexclusive.

“I’ve been thinking of doing this for years but never found the right fit, Parker told the glossy. “Everything needed to align, from quality to price point.” On being influenced by little Ms. Bradshaw, the mother of three said “I’m privileged that I played her. I was exposed to so many beautiful shoes and how they’re made. That role really cemented my love.”

… And rule breaking. “I’m allergic to the idea that certain shoes are for certain occasions,” she said. “Or neutrals that can only be black or brown. It’s too limiting. As [SATC’s costume designer] Pat Field taught me, toss out any rules. I sure did.”

Well, we can wait to toss on a pair of SJP’s exclusive line for Nordstom when it goes on sale February 28th.