5 Musts From Any Lotion


Choosing a preferred lotion shouldn’t be a guessing game. Know which five things make up a topnotch body moisturizer and be sure yours is making the cut.

1. Trusted ingredients
Look at the label and make sure you understand and feel comfortable with the additives you’ll be applying to your skin. It’s always a safe bet to go for organic ingredients, like fruit extracts, vitamin C, and natural moisturizers such as vegetable glycerin and shea butter.

2. A splendid scent
Whether you’re a citrus sort of girl, a fan of floral and fruits, or a sucker for warmer aromas like oatmeal and vanilla, it’s important that you fall in love with the scent of your lotion.

3. Easy application
You don’t want a moisturizer that is going to take forever to apply and soak in. A good lotion will quickly absorb, for instant hydration.

4. Hydration with a fresh feel
Get moisturized skin without the heavy lotion feel. A lotion that leaves your skin fresh, energized, and healthily hydrated shouldn’t have you feeling weighted down, overly oiled, and greasy.

5. Dermatologist approved
This seal of approval is always a bonus. Check for it on the packaging.