5 Reasons to Be Afraid Of the Dark

To See or Not to See?

Why is the dark scary? Because you can’t see a thing. You cannot see if there’s a crazy man standing over you or a creepy little kid who’s appeared out of nowhere. Clearly, there’s not a scary movie out there that we’ve missed.

Scary Movies

Speaking of horror films … If we’ve learned anything from scary movies, it’s that bad things usually happen at night. The goblins, ghosts, or ax murders usually wait till darkness descends to strike. Yeah, those frightening flicks have definitely kept us awake with the lights on more times than we’d like to admit.

The Unknown

Life on Mars? Spirits stuck in limbo? A zombie virus? Don’t laugh. Who knows what we might encounter in the not-so distant future. Science can prove only so much, and there’s a plethora of unanswered questions in our vast universe. And if a potential alien abduction doesn’t force you to sleep with a flashlight by your side, we don’t know what will.

Haunted Houses

Creaky floors, moving shadows, shifting objects? Sounds like you’ve got yourself a haunted house. Perhaps the previous resident died in an accident or was murdered in a gory incident. Now his disturbed spirit is lurking around and waiting for you to get out!

Eerie Silence

During the day, people are up and about. There’s activity and noise. But at night, the only sound to keep you sane is the wind rustling the trees. Spooky stuff.