5 Sexy Celebrity Photo Secrets


First impressions matter! Nowhere is that truer than online, where social media profiles are the first links that come up in search engines, and just about everyone — from potential employers to romantic flings — can look to discover more about what makes you tantalizing!

Since profiles are only a snapshot of your life with limited characters and pixels, you need to be strategic about presenting your sexiest self. Try these 5 celebrity photo tips and tricks to enhance your appearance and zest up your social media profiles:

STRIKE A POSE: Ever notice your favorite celebs have a go-to look or smile when they're on the red carpet or in front of the camera? That's because they've spent hours in front of the mirror, reviewing photos of themselves, and practicing with media coaches to perfect their signature pose. Learn what angles of your face are most flattering, whether to smile with or without teeth, where to place your hands and feet, and how to position your body towards the camera. Having a go-to pose will help you to feel more daring, translating into more tantalizing photos. So get in front of that mirror and practice, practice, practice! Take some selfies and perfect your pout!

SIT UP STRAIGHT: Now that you've developed a signature look, be sure to always sit or stand up straight. Good posture not only prevents back pain but shows off your neck and shoulders and conveys a bold confidence!

IT'S ALL ABOUT LIGHTING: Not all lighting is created equal. If you aren't having your photo taken by a professional, you'll want to find the right lighting to avoid shadows or, conversely, white-out. Soft light or shaded areas work best to avoid shadows which can accentuate under eye circles and other imperfections. Direct sunlight makes it difficult to see those sexy features that make you, you!

WARDROBE, HAIR & MAKEUP: While prints and patterns have depth and texture in the real world, they don't translate well on camera and can cause unwanted motion or blur in photos and on camera. Stick to a bold, solid color that flatters your skin tone and brings out your eyes. You'll also want to keep accessories to a minimum. While everyone loves a statement necklace, you want the focus to be on your face, not your baubles!

BE BOLD! The “it” factor that celebrities have is made up of charm and confidence. Celebs are never afraid to put themselves out there. Try something fun and daring, be a bolder and more adventurous “you,” and the camera will capture it.