5 Stylish Summer Steppers for a Steal


In an ideal world, we'd refresh our shoe wardrobe on a seasonal basis, swapping out older styles for new ones, moving our latest favorites to the front and former go-tos into storage. However, there's this small thing called a budget, limiting the number of heels, sandals, and wedges we can buy before making the landlord angry with late rent. Thankfully, these five stylish pairs of shoes will satiate both your desire for new kicks and your need to pay your bills. No need to sacrifice style in order to stay on budget.

1. Journee Buckle Strappy Heeled Sandals, $59.99

2. Journee Lace Up Heels, $84.99

3. Mossimo Hartley II, $28.49

4. Journee Collection Stilettos, $79.99

5. Pari Ankle Straps, $19.99