5 Tips for Making Perfect Iced Tea

Iced tea is refreshing and gives you a boost of antioxidants and in some cases, a caffeine kick. It's my favorite Summer beverage and I keep a pitcher in the fridge all season long. Here are some tips for making your iced tea tea-licious!

1. Too many bitter tannins will make your tea cloudy. Allowing tea to cool completely before refrigerating, using filtered water or making your tea in the refrigerator using cool water will help prevent this phenomenon.

2. To add sweetness, try using honey or flavored simple syrups such as the ones from Torani, instead of granulated sugar. Experiment with flavors like lemon, orange, vanilla, black currant, ginger or pomegranate.

3. Lemon is fine but consider freshening your tea with fresh herbs. Add a few leaves of crushed mint or lemon verbena to each glass.

4. All that caffeine can really add up. Trying herbal or green varieties for less kick but plenty of chill.

5. Long Island Iced Tea might look and sound like tea, but it doesn't contain any at all. For a quick and easy real tea cocktail, add a splash of limoncello, orangecello, peach schnapps or pomegranate liqueur to any iced black tea. Make a pitcher and throw your own impromptu tea party.

——-Amy Sherman

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