5 Tips to Style Your Short Hair Sexy


Short hair is sassy, yes, but seemingly limited in terms of styling choices. Now with the help of Sexy Hair, ladies with short tresses can experience that versatility, letting their Alter Ego come out to play. “With the launch of the new Style Sexy Hair brand, we were able to push the boundaries of 'real style' and make our own rules,” said Rafe Hardy, Artistic Creative Hair Director of Sexy Hair.

Making their own rules means that you don't have to have long hair to be able to get an edgy updo like what was recently demonstrated on the models using the new Sexy Hair products.

After the demo we were able to speak with two Sexy Hair experts, Meaghan Masterson and Katrina Cahill, who assured us that short tresses could get in on the action with a few tips:

Work what you have“You could create a pompadour, or slick the sides backs, or put your hair to one side, to get the effect as if you shaved the sides of your hair,” Meaghan told us.

Go Avant-Garde —“Do something really messy and big, or tied to the the head,” Masterson suggested.

Put a Braid Through the Front — Meaghan styled my hair with a braid going down the side to mimic a shaved undercut. And not just any braid. A rope braid, because according to Masterson… “Waterfalls? Hello, goodbye!”

Fake Hair Don't CareWorse come to worse? “Throw some fake hair in,” she said. “You can create a sock bun or add volume. Literally, the possibilites are endless.”

Tease, Tease, Tease — “Teasing is very much the way to go,” Cahill said when we asked her favorite short hairdo.

When it comes to styling your hair, Masterson often reaches for Soy Touchable–her favorite product in the entire line–to lock your Alter Ego look in place. “It's a really workable hairspray. I like to my hair to be soft, whether I'm running my fingers through it or whipping my hair at the club,” she explained. “But it still has a really good hold. And heat protectants, that's important. Cahill suggests Powder Play, “a powder that turns to liquid with the moisture of your fingers, it's an instant gratification product.” Apparently by creating volume like you wouldn't believe. “Women come in begging for this!” she said.