5 Tips to Transform Your Home for a Fourth of July Fete

Want to transform your home for your Fourth of July fete? The premier New York caterer and Founder of Between the Bread, Ricky Eisen, has shared her top insider tips on putting together a simple and beautiful summer soiree.

To give your table a decorated look, layer the table cloths. Mix colors, textures, and sizes. Mix and match lanterns to give further complexity to the table. If you are using a wooden table, don't cover it entirely. Let some of the wood show.

Although fresh flowers are always a great addition to any buffet, for a more cost effective alternative use fresh fruit such as pineapple, melon and plums. Find a tree bark as the anchor to the center of the table, add twigs and leafy branches from the garden and you can have a great centerpiece, most of which can be eaten later.

If your party is out doors, sparkling candles are a fun decor addition. Use votive candles and protect the flames with paper bags (available at every supermarket). These makeshift lanterns can mark the pathways from the street to the party, decorate the buffet, and add light to a darkened spot.

Earlier in the day, add shrimp, chicken, beef, sausage, hot dogs and vegetables on extra long wooden skewers which you've cut into two bite portions, marinate, and grill as needed. It will take less time to grill and your guests will enjoy the delicious finger food.