5 Trends to Leave Behind in 2012


2012 brought the fashion world many great things. Peplum to cinch us in and give us the hourglass figure we all crave. Sneaker wedges that give us height and utility with a downtown-chic edge. And bedazzled collars that put some of our beloved statement necklaces to shame. But, there were still some fashion crimes that surpassed faux pas status and don't deserve to be carried over into 2013. Thanks to Jeffrey Campbell we got more than our dose of spiked-out shoes, and ladies, bra tops belong under your clothes — only Carrie Bradshaw could do underwear as outerwear justice. We know this may hurt a little, but even after Psy and Justin Bieber's epic attempt to revive the MC Hammer staple at this year's American Music Awards, harem pants look good on no one! Speaking of a not-so-flattering silhouette, the onesie belongs in the baby aisle. And to all the guys out there, Just. Say. No. To. Meggings! Skinny jeans are enough to deal with.