5 Ways Kate Moss Is Just Like You


Kate Moss has become a fashion icon since her start in the ‘90s, inspiring millions of women with not just her style but her beauty as well. While she’s as in demand as she was 20 years ago with campaigns with Versace, Kérastase, and St. Tropez (to name a few), the supermodel is a lot more like us “normal” folk than you might think. Here are just a few as well as a beauty tip or two to keep in your back pocket.

She’s Pretty Modest — With that kind of influence she’s had over the years, it would be easy to have a big ego, but not so for this supermodel. “I must be a bit of a blank canvas. Or something,” she told Allure. “At a shoot, I'm really aware of everything,” she says. “When they do makeup, sometimes I can't see what they're doing, but I can feel it. I know what I look like, even when I can't see what they've done. I know how to compose myself.”

She Does Get Tan Lines – While swimsuit stripes irk everyone, Moss doesn’t mind a tan line on her derriere. In fact, her husband Jamie Hince loves it! “I don't mind a bikini bottom. My husband likes lines on the bum—men like white bums, like a frame,” she explained. “I don't do it on the boobs, though—I try not to have a white boob.”

She’s Had Her Insecurities – She’s clearly not afraid to show some skin now, but back when she started, it was a different story.”I didn't like my flat chest,” Moss explained. “I was like, 'Oh, I'm going to have a tit job.' Can you imagine? I used to be so scared about 'Oh, I don't want to show my body.' Now that I've shown it, it doesn't bug me about my moles, or 'This isn't big enough' and 'That's not smooth enough.'”

She Keeps Her Everyday Beauty Simple – Extravagant and artistic makeup styles are nothing new for the cover girl, but she doesn’t like the heavier looks when she steps off the set. Her beauty routine consists of “a bit of blusher—what you call bronzer—a bit of an eye, and an eyelash curler.”

She’s All About Clean Hair – The same ease also applies to her hair care routine. I mean, who else was the originating of the grunge-glam wave? (Sorry Alexa Chung) “I use that Moroccan oil stuff, and then I blow-dry it upside down and brush it. Maybe I'll give it a back-comb at the top.” But her number one hair rule is “Always clean hair. That's a must. If in doubt, wash it.”