5 Ways to Dress Up Your Desk

image via Budget Blonde

Display your note pads and stationary for an added touch of sophistication. It's a classy touch to any desk. Leaving them off to the side will leave enough space for you to work while still being in reach should you need to scribble something down.

Leave the pencil box back in middle school. It's just…boring. Organizing your writing utensils in a mug with a vibrant pattern or a decorated mason jar are some fun alternatives. I currently have my pens and pencils in an embellished miniature flower pot.

Create a backdrop you won’t get sick of staring at. Along with the sticky note reminders, cork boards should be dressed up with things that make you happy. Postcards from places traveled, a birthday card from a loved one, or a funny quote can keep you smiling no matter how rough the day's workload may be.

Don’t underestimate the power of a potted plant. While a vase of fresh flowers is a beautiful touch to any space, you'll find yourself picking browned petals and shriveled leaves from the top of your laptop in no time. If you share my lack of green thumb, why not go for with a hardy succulent? Their unusual appearance will add an interesting detail to your desk and having come from dry climates, their water saving adaptations keeps the level of care to a minimum.

Make it known that this space belongs to you with a special photo. A beautiful frame is a great way to further dress up your desk and represent your personal decorating style. Having a dear memory within reach adds a personal touch to the area, subtle enough so as not to be distasteful.