6 Summer DIYs for Your Home


1. Mason jars—is there anything you can’t turn these trendy glass containers into? You can even make a mini terrarium by using a small succulent, sparkling stones, and a bit of soil. Add your new piece of decor atop a bedroom nightstand or on the side of the bathroom sink.

2. Add a wonderful summer scent to every room by freshening up your living space with lavender sachets. Fill a small canvas or linen bag with the buds of dry lavender flowers and secure the top with a tie. Place them in drawers for sweet-smelling clothes or in the bathroom as a natural air freshener.

3. Clothespins are cute for hanging photos and memos around your room, whether strung from a string or pasted onto a message board. Decorate them for a decorative detail, using paint, stamps, or glitter.

4. A touch of your own artistry around the house is always an extra-special decor detail. Creating a trendy, chic striped painting is a simple piece to start with. Using painter’s blue tape, section off the parts of the canvas you’d like to show up as a white stripe. Then paint over each exposed section with your preferred color.

5. Make boring bath towels chic by sewing on strips of ribbon or lace. Guest towels and hand towels primarily for display will benefit from the face-lift.

6. Apply wallpaper or use a stamped paint roller to add instant charm to any room. A basic wall instantly enters the realm of chic and creative with a bit of a pattern. The look is especially easy to create in a small space like a bathroom or dressing room.