6 Summer Drinks You Need To Make Right Now


Summer is coming and the weather is making us thirsty. It's a predictable formula – temperatures increase leading to more time outdoors, leading to more fun in the sun, which means you're sweating more which means you need to stay as hydrated as possible. What's the best way to stay hydrated when the weather outside is set on instamelt? Tip #1: drink water constantly. As delicious as they are, none of the drinks we recommend below will be as essential and vital for you as pure H2O. Tip #2, make one of the drinks mentioned below, preferably in a big pitcher or one of those chic drink dispensers. Serve to friends and enjoy accordingly. Enjoy!


Grand Babycakes’ strawberry lemonade

Sure, you can buy some Simply Juice blend at the store and add fruit to fake the funk, but nothing comes close to making your own lemonade at home. This recipe via one of my favorite food blogs, Grandbaby Cakes, is the strawberry lemonade of your dreams. Go ahead and make a big pitcher, because this will make you yearn for more. Just add your favorite vodka for a summertime spike.


Salpicónvia Skinnytaste

Salipicon is a popular Colombian fruit drink, kind of like a non-alcoholic sangria. Imagine a big pitcher filled with chopped, fresh fruit – watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, oranges, apples – you name it, you can add it. Then splash with carbonated soda and serve with a spoon. Skinnytaste has a delicious, healthy recipe. To make an adult version, spike it with a clear spirit, white wine or prosecco!


Flat Tummy Water

You've likely seen these recipes floating around Pinterest or Facebook, a big pitcher of water with stuff in it, promising health benefits from drinking one a day. Prevention Magazine has the corner on “sassy water” recipes – the usual mix involves mint, lemon slices, cucumber slices and good ol’ H2O. Does the addition of all of the fruit and herbs make a real difference in your tummy? We’re not sure, but we’re gonna keep drinking. Even if it's just a placebo effect, at least you're staying hydrated.

Sun Tea

Grandma knew best! There’s something so soothing and refreshing and old school about setting a pitcher out in the sun and brewing up some fresh sun tea. Here's the thing with sun tea – it's all about the kind of tea you use, and according to Serious Eats, you may want to forget the sun altogether. If you’re brewing up a pot, use a kind of tea that won’t turn bitter in the steeping process. I am a fan of iced green tea in the summer, but green tea is best when not left to steep for hours. Cold brewed black tea works best for me!. 

Rum Punch

What’s more tropical and summery than a classic rum punch? The traditional Trinidadian recipe is outlined thusly – 1 of sour, 2 of sweet, 3 of strong, and 4 of weak. That means we like our rum punch strong but sweet. Start with a blend of light and dark rum. Add lime juice (sour), pineapple juice and orange juice, or your favorite fruit punch for sweet, sip in moderation and enjoy your season!

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