7 Cheeky Pieces That Poke Fun at Fashion


We appreciate a bit of irreverence now and then in the world of high fashion, and it seems that some of the edgiest ladies on the style scene do too. Cara Delevingneand her model pal Jourdan Dunnare skipping Hermes as of late for a couple of “Homies” hats instead, and Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, too, have been spotted in a pair of sweatshirts with the same snarky design. The pieces are by LA designer Brian Lichtenberg, who fronted the tongue in cheek trend, but a multitude of styles that twist designer logos in a silly way, like “Ballinciaga” for Balenciaga, have come about . We hope nobody takes offense–it seems more that these tops and caps are simply creative, fun ways to show admiration for key brands in fashion–and giving them some major street credit along the way. What do you think of the styles? Will you be making a statement in this cheeky trend?

1. NYCPARIS By Formandspace 'Celine Me Alone', available at Farfetch.com for $36.90
2. Brian Lichtenberg Féline cotton-blend jersey sweatshirt, available at Net-a-porter.com for $98
3. Reason Homies Snapback, available at ASOS.com for $50.91
4. Brian Lichtenberg Homies Sweatshirt in Black-gold, available at Lyst.com for $107
5. Giraunchy Tee With Black Ink, available at Shopjessicabuurman.com for $59
6. Brian Lichtenberg Bucci Tank Top, available at Shopthetrendboutique.com for $59
7. White Ballinciaga Tee, available at Shopjessicabuurman.com for $55