7 Chic Helmets to Wear This Summer


If you’re going to ride a bike this summer, chances are you know that you should be wearing a helmet. Let’s be honest here, they aren’t the most stylish accessory one could put on. We may have a remedy to that, with the helmets below. These are both cute and functional!

1.Black Helmet with Paris Herringbone, available at Yakkay.com for $143.00.
2. Nutcase Purple Heart Helmet, available atBicycleHabitat.com for $65.00.
3.Crocodile Brown Helmet, available at Sawakofuruno.com for $128.75.
4.Modern Dots (Matte) Helmet, available at NutCase.Store.USA for $60.
5. Triple Eight Adult Brainsaver Dual Certified, available atDicksSportingGoods.comfor $29.99.
6. Blue Sky Helmet, available atBelleHelmuts.comfor $150.00.

7. Red Apple Helmet, available atBelleHelmuts.comfor $200.00.