7 Get-Gorgeous Gadgets

Getting all gussied up the manual way? So yesterday. Go for gorgeous with a few electronic gizmos instead. Here, seven we currently have in heavy rotation. —India-Jewel Jackson

1. The Pore Purifier
Panasonic Pore Cleanser With Mist, $49.99 at Panasonic.com

Whiteheads and blackheads, be gone! This inventive handheld device effectively demolishes pimples from the inside out, thanks to its micro-fine mist and suction technology (the mist helps the suction cup adhere to your skin better). Here’s how it works: Gliding the reversible suction cup over the affected areas (be sure to use the smaller end for hard-to-reach spots, like your nose crease) gently removes bacteria and excess sebum from beneath the surface of your skin, leaving you with less visible, squeaky-clean pores and ultimately a clearer complexion.

2. Lash Looper
Blinc Heated Lash Curler, $24 at DermStore.com

You curl your hair with heat—shouldn’t you give your lashes an equivalent treatment? Toss your manual eyelash curler and make your peepers pop with this handy heated tool, which even catches and curls the tiniest little lashes in the inner corners of your eyes, without pinching your lids.

3. The Body Buffer
Spa Sonic Skin Care System Face and Body Polisher, $65 at Target.com

Think of this as the Clarisonic for your entire body. This battery-operated device comes complete with four interchangeable rotating attachments: a small facial brush to remove all traces of oil, dirt, and makeup; an exfoliating facial buffer to reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark spots; a large body brush to replace your loofah; and a pumice stone to smooth over the tougher bits on your elbows, knees, and heels.

4. Fine-Line Fighter
Zeno Line Rewind Reduction Kit, $39.99 at DermStore.com

Give your age-old eye cream routine the heave-ho; a mechanical boost can garner you better results. Rid yourself of unsightly wrinkles by applying a thin layer of the lightweight, antioxidant-rich serum over cleansed skin and massaging your crow’s-feet with this warming vibrating tool. Gentle to use with optimal results.

5. Brow Beautifier
Sally Hansen Beauty Tools See the Light Slant-Tip Tweezers, $9.99 at Target.com

Eyebrows frame the face—so yours should never be with a hair out of place. To perfectly groom them at-home, high-tech tweezers are a necessity—this pair features a sharp angled tip and is equipped with an LED that brightly illuminates to ensure that nary an errant hair is left behind.

6. Stay-Put Polish
Red Carpet Manicure Starter Kit With Pro LED Light, $79.99 at Ulta.com

Sad news—regular, run-of-the-mill nail polish seemingly will soon be a thing of the past. And while costly gel nail services are in high demand at salons, we’re not sure for how much longer, as the first at-home gel manicure kit has recently hit the market. (Finally!) Choose from 36 luminous shades and give yourself a chip-free, easy-to-apply, salon-quality manicure that lasts for a minimum of 14 days in three easy steps. (Can you even begin to imagine how much time and money you’re going to save?!)

7. The Electric Flosser
Philips Sonicare AirFloss, $89.99 at Drugstore.com

Toss the dental floss and go futuristic with this ergonomic electronic air flosser. Instead of tediously threading fibers back and forth, fill the reservoir with water (we prefer mouthwash!) and simply point the slim angled nozzle tip at the gum line. Press the activation button to gently release quick pressurized bursts of air and micro droplets between teeth to remove food debris and plaque. It’s perfect for those with braces, permanent retainers, bridges, crowns, veneers, and dentures. Now you can deep-clean your entire mouth in less than 60 seconds. And those hard-to-reach teeth in the back? Not anymore.