7 Skin Care Myths to Ignore

There are a lot of skin-care suggestions out there tugging at your cleansing regimen and wallet. Some are based on science, some on hype. Save yourself time and money by caring for your skin the correct way.

MYTH #1: Pores Can Shrink

Fact: It’s impossible to shrink the size of enlarged pores. Genetics and age play major roles in their appearance, but you can take steps to prevent dilation past their natural size. A gentle cleansing regimen keeps pores clean and clog-free, leaving them pliable, which makes removing dirt and oil easier.

MYTH #2: Chocolate Causes Acne

Fact: The sweet treat’s gotten a bad rap for decades, but there’s no scientific link to its blame in breakouts. In fact, hormones and stress mainly trigger acne and blemishes. Sure, chowing down on greasy, fatty foods can wreak havoc with your skin, but a daily dark-chocolate square is harmless (and actually good for the heart).

MYTH #3: My Favorite Cream Will Work Forever

Fact: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but don’t expect your go-to cream to work wonders forever. Skin is dynamic, and its texture fluctuates with the seasons and age, so make sure you’re assessing its needs on a routine basis.

Myth #4: 100 Percent Natural Means 100 Percent Good

Fact: “Natural” is a loose term, and companies get away with making this claim with little oversight. Even if one ingredient is organic, the rest can be synthetic or even toxic. Take the time to research every ingredient and don’t get duped by buzzwords.

MYTH #5: Antiaging Creams Can Reverse Damage

Fact: There’s no such thing as a miracle in a bottle, but there are ways to turn back time. While you can’t completely fight sagging skin, powerful antioxidants and retinols plump up skin and moisturize, leaving a smoother, more radiant finish. Adding these potent ingredients to your daily regimen can help you fake a fresh glow.

MYTH #6: Sunscreen’s Only for the Summer

Fact: Not to go all scientific on you, butthe sun is actually closer to the earth during winter, and its rays are just as dangerous. UVA radiation—the cause of aging and skin cancers—is constant throughout the year, so don’t take a break on a cloudy day. And your tinted moisturizer isn’t enough. Slather on a daily dollop underneath your makeup for complete coverage.

MYTH #7: Expensive Creams Pack a More Powerful Punch

Fact: Most active ingredients found in antiaging creams are similar no matter if they’re sold at a drugstore or a specialty boutique. Find the ingredients in pricey creams and cleansers that are proven to work and opt for a cheaper over-the-counter version.