7 Teas To Tackle Beauty Blunders


A cup of tea for all our beauty-related ailments? We like the sound of this prescription! Aside from its calming and grounding effects, tea has physical wellness benefits as well. Lately, we've been turning to My Beauty Tea, who have concocted the most powerful blends for us already, sourcing the world for the finest ingredients. Which antioxidant packed pick-me-up will you be sipping on this evening?

Puffy Eyes? Drink Green Teas to reduce the inflammation that causes dark circles and swollen lids.
Beauty Tea fix: Pink Blossom

Wrinkles? Drink White Teas to add an extra dose of anti-aging to your skin routine.
Beauty Tea fix: White Peach

Eczema and acne? Drink Rooibos Teas, which contain anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties, to treat various skin problems.
Beauty Tea fix: Harvest Cranberry

Stretch Marks? Drink Yerba Mate Teas and utilize their natural skin lubricating abilities to target cellulite and stretch marks.
Beauty Tea fix: Creamy Lemon

Damaged hair? Drink Black Teas to stimulate hair growth and accelerate skin regeneration.
Beauty Tea fix: Nuts for Coco

Dehydrated skin? Drink Fruit Teas to lock in moisture and skin elasticity with a high dose of Vitamin A.
Beauty Tea fix: Mermaid Blend

Feeling under the weather? Drink Herbal Teas, a caffeine-free natural mood booster, to promote healthy digestion and a feel-good day.
Beauty Tea fix: Beauty Blend