8 Fabulous Party Cake Techniques & Tutorials


Sometimes (or probably more like “most of the time”) stumbling on the Amazing Cakes from around the web makes me wish I could actually make one of these fancy treats! While most of them can look pretty intimidating for a non-pro, there are definitely some impressive, yet surprisingly “doable” tutorials out there…especially when the tutorial is very well presented.

So with that thought in mind, here's a round up of some of my favorite cake tutorials! All of these cakes look like a great addition to a birthday, bridal shower, etc – or just a fun way to practice & improve your own “sugar skills”. Whatever the occasion may be, it shouldn't be hard to find volunteers to help eat your frosted creation afterwards. 😉

Rainbow Cake– by One Charming Party (pictured above)

Talk about over the rainbow! This vibrant layer cake has not 3 or 4, but EIGHT colorful layers. Get ready for oohs and aahhs when you cut into this one! (P.S. For those of you that shy away from food coloring, you can find a tutorial for an all-natural, homemade dye rainbow cake here.)

Piñata Cake– by A Subtle Revelry

The name of this cake pretty much says it all. If there ever was a cake that defined straight-up “FUN”, this is it!

Burger Cake – by Coco Cake Land

I've seen some cute “burger cupcakes” before, but this playful tutorial super sizes that concept – and it looks absolutely DE-lish! Plus you get chocolate AND vanilla cake in every slice… definitely a bonus.

Pastel Swirl Cake – by Sweetapolita

This cake is pure loveliness – thanks to a fabulous (and easy!) frosting technique. There's a video included in the tutorial too, which is always extra-helpful.

Pink Vanilla Pocky Cake – by Sprinkle Bakes

A “fortress” of strawberry cream pocky candy makes this beautiful cake look both striking and delicate at the same time. It kind of reminds me of a pink princess castle.

Sprinkle Cake – by The Art of the Wedding Cake

Who doesn't love things covered in sprinkles, right? This cake has a clever presentation twist with thick “stripes” of sprinkles! It's done in a pretty pastel palette for the tutorial, but would look great in bright colors too!

An attractive young woman applying cream to her facehttp://
An attractive young woman applying cream to her facehttp://

Celery Stamp Roses (Cake Decoration)– by The Cake Blog

Exactly like it sounds, this fabulous frosting technique results in beautiful “stamped roses” for fondant covered cakes, thanks to a little food coloring and celery… who would've guessed?!

Ombre Sugar Hearts (Cake Decoration) – by The Art of the Wedding Cake

I couldn't resist including this tutorial for colorful sugar hearts, which look insanely amazing displayed “ombre style” on a 3-tier cake. It would be time consuming to make the exact cake from the tutorial, but you could definitely recreate this idea on a MUCH smaller level – maybe covering a 6″ cake or just doing a single band of hearts around a larger cake. Either way, I'm sure your guests will love it!