8 Great Cold Weather Accessories

1. Ultra Chunky Black Circula Infinity Scarf With Camel Leather Cuff, available at Etsy for $40
2. Cable Scarf, available at Topshop for $10
3. Alice Hannah Chunky Rib Headband, available at ASOS for $38.70
4. AEO Faux Fur Headband, available at America Eagle for $19.95
5. Tech-Friendly Leather Gloves With Knit Trim, available at BCBG for $68
6. Agnelle Pony Skin and Leather Gloves, available at Matches Fashion for $166
7. ETRO Double Knit Aztec Sock, available at Barneys New York for $65
8. Women's Cotton Ragg Camp Socks, Two Pairs, available at L.L.Bean for $19.95

I may be sitting pretty in sunny California at the moment, but after 4 years in NYC and 5 months of winter in London, I’m no stranger to living in the cold. That’s why I’ve rounded up my top 8 must-have winter accessories to help you brave the chill and look good doing it.

1. The Ultra Chunky Scarf
I remember the first time I felt Manhattan’s wind frost on my unprotected cheeks and nose. I’d never have to worry about wrinkles, I thought, because my face was now forever frozen in place. Dramatic, I know, but either way, windburn is never a good look. Wrap your neck tightly in a thick scarf, chunky enough to be used as a shell to retreat your lower face into when the winter draft begins to act up. The black and cream infinity scarf from Etsy is neutral enough to be worn with anything, but the unique leather cuff detailing gives it a sharp look. If you’re using your scarf to add a pop of color to your outfit, try Topshop’s cable knit one in gorgeous oxblood.

2. The Cold Weather Headband Hat
I’m a sucker for adorable and stylish winter headbands. They keep your ears and forehead warm without ruining your ‘do’ like a hat would. Alice Hannah’s pink angora blend headband is super soft and devastatingly fabulous. That chic oversized bow will take an ordinary cold weather getup to winter wonderland extraordinary status. For a bit of glam, try a fur headband. The cream faux one by Warehouse is the perfect size and style; daring, but not overwhelming.

3. Insulated Yet Edgy Gloves
Avoid frozen fingers with a pair of warm gloves, a less restraining option than mittens. This season is all above the leather look. BCBG's pair mixes in knit for a cool texture combination. Agnelle's leopard print pair, however, add a bit of pizazz to a winter wardrobe stuck in the dull-drums. Plus, they boast the makings of hand heaven with a a cozy cashmere and wool lining.

4. Thick Knit Socks
While a pair of durable boots will keep your feet from getting wet, keeping them warm calls for the right pair of socks. There are so many fun prints and colors to choose from. We love ETRO's patterned wool blend pair as well as L.L.Bean's more classic, recreational style. Pull them up over your pants or tights and have them peak out from the top of your boots for a fun yet subtle detail.