8 Holiday Cocktail Recipes to Stir Up

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The holidays are officially here! While movies, music, and plenty of TV specials have done much to bring up the spirit of the season, there still might be many a Scrooge that still say, "Bah, humbug!" Regardless of who that may be in your brood, you can offer them a cup of cheer filled with any of these delightful drinks. Don't be surprised to find your company singing carols later in the evening. Happy Holidays!

Molinari After Eight

1 oz. Molinari Sambuca Extra
1 oz. White Crème de menthe
1 oz. Cream or half and half

Rim a martini glass with regular sugar or green crystal sprinkles. Pour all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with lots of ice, shake for 20 seconds and pour into a martini glass. Sprinkle a dash of ground coffee on top with a mint and a small candy cane.

Fresca Frambuesa

1 oz. Cuca Fresca Prata
1 oz. Raspberry puree or three muddled raspberries
½ oz. Lemon Juice
½ oz. Simple syrup
3 oz. Champagne

In a mixing glass, muddle raspberries, unless using the raspberry puree, add the rest of the ingredients over ice and lightly combine with a bar spoon. Julep strain into a champagne flute and garnish with a lemon twist.

Wild Winter Spice by Leann Berry

1 ½ oz. Pucker Vodka Sour Apple Sass
½ oz. Liquor 43
5 Cinnamon Candies
2 oz. Soda

Add vodka, lquor, and candies into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake. Add soda to the mixture and pour into a highball glass. Garnish with an apple slice and cinnamon stick.

Chocolate Peppermint Cookie

¾ oz. Partida Blanco Tequila
1 oz. Peppermint Schnapps
¾ oz. Godiva Liqueur
1 ½ oz. Cream

Rim martini glass with chocolate syrup and crushed candy canes. Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and strain into the martini glass.

Grown Up Chili Hot Chocolate

2 to 3 oz. of JDK & Sons Crave Chocolate Chili Liqueur
Hot Chocolate

Pour liqueur in a warmed coffee mug and add hot chocolate to taste. Top with whipped cream.

Elf Kiss

1 ½ oz. Midori Melon Liqueur
1 ½ oz. Sweet & Sour
1 oz. SKYY Infusions Citrus
Juice of ½ a lemon
2 ½ inch squares of Fresh Ginger
Cranberry Juice
Orang Liqueur

Fill tall glass with ice, pour Midori as the bottom layer. Muddle fresh ginger and lemon juice. Add sweet & sour and SKYY infusions citrus and shake with ice, strain and pour of the bottom layer. Finally carefully top with cranberry juice and a floater of orange liqueur. Garnish with candied ginger and a cranberry.

Hot Caramel Buttered Rum

3 oz. Ron Abuelo Añejo Rum
1 oz. Van Gough Dutch Caramel Vodka
¼ stick Unsalted Butter, softened
2 tbsp. Brown Sugar
2 tbsp. Honey
1 tsp. Ground cinnamon
½ tsp. Ground cloves
½ tsp. Nutmeg
Cinnamon stick

Combine all ingredients, save for the rum and vodka in a hot drinking cup or mug and mix together. Add the rum and vodka and pour in 1 cup of hot water or more for personal taste and stir vigorously until the mixture has dissolved.

Golden Chai Eggnog by James Labe

1 ½ oz. Prepared Numi Golden Chai Tea
1 ½ oz. Brandy
3 oz. Milk
1 tsp. Sugar
1 Egg Yolk

Steep tea at 4X strength for 2 minutes then remove tea bag, stir in sugar, and chill liquid for later use. Pour liquid ingredients and egg yolk in a cocktail shaker over ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a glass. Add a dash of ground nutmeg to garnish.